How the 2017 Budget could affect you

Federal Budgets talk in big numbers.  Billions if not trillions of dollars.  Governments worry about debt and revenue, just like us.  The numbers are just a lot larger.

But how does the budget affect us mere mortals on a day to day basis?

We’ve put together a series of summary sheets which outline what you can expect.  Bear in mind a lot of the “wish list” are just proposals.  They have to get through Parliment to become law.

Having said that, forewarned is forearmed.  It is our individual responsibility to look after our own finances and ensure we prosper.

Which is where we at RetireInvest Circular Quay can help with planning and managing your finances, be it as a wealth builder, pre-retiree, retiree or moving into aged care.

You can access each summary by clicking on it below.

Budget Summary


Wealth Builders


High Net Worth

Small Business

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